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The TEFL Course in Winchester, Hampshire

Our Winchester TEFL course takes place full time over 4 weeks or part-time (2 evenings per week, plus alternate Saturdays) over a 16 week period. It is a Trinity CertTESOL course and fully accredited by Trinity College London.

The Trinity CertTESOL is respected worldwide

Unlike many courses which have little real value, the CertTESOL (Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an internationally recognised qualification which opens doors to the best TEFL jobs in the UK and abroad.

It is fully accredited by Trinity College London and accredited at Level 5 on the UK National Qualification Framework.

Our Winchester TEFL course covers theory and teaching practice, including grammar awareness, phonology, teaching methodology, lesson planning and plenty of hands-on teaching practice. Small classes and very experienced tutors will ensure that you have the confidence and skills to gain your CertTESOL and start your TEFL career.

TEFL course in Winchester HampshireHands-on TESOL teaching practice

The Winchester TEFL course components consist of five units of learning: teaching skills (this is naturally the weightiest unit), language awareness, creating a learner profile, a materials assignment (which is externally assessed by a Trinity moderator) and a unit which involves learning an unknown language, so that trainees can experience and learn from being on the other side of the classroom. There is no final exam. Your work for all units except the materials assignment will be assessed by your trainer.

Teaching Practice
You will be able to teach for a minimum of six hours, and this will be continuously assessed. Each teaching session will be followed by constructive advice and suggestions and you will also have the opportunity to observe lessons given by our experienced tutors.

Written Assignments
You will be asked to complete two written assignments, one creating a learner profile and the other an evaluation and adaptation of materials. These two assignments bring together much of what is covered in the teaching skills and language awareness components of the course.

On-going Coursework Assignments
You will complete two coursework assignments: an observation journal (based on the guided observations of experienced teachers) and one unknown foreign language journal.

Language awareness and phonology tests will be given at the end of the course.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • demonstrate your understanding of the main grammatical, lexical and phonological features of standard English
  • identify learner needs and motivation in different contexts
  • establish rapport and maintain learners' interest
  • create clear and achievable lesson plans
  • ensure learners participate actively and provide a positive learning environment
  • evaluate, use and adapt existing materials and create simple teaching material, including digital resources
  • understand how different language teaching approaches work
  • self-evaluate as an EFL teacher
  • broadly understand how EFL employment works

A sample of a week's timetable for the part-time course:

(the full-time and part-time courses have exactly the same syllabus)

Saturday: 0900 - 1030 Learner profile: needs analysis

1030 - 1045 Break

1045 - 1215 TEFL in the digital age - online resources

1215 - 1245 Lunch

1245 - 1430 Language Analysis - past tenses

Monday: 1800 - 1930 Teaching skills: Accuracy vs. fluency

1930 - 1945 Break

1945 - 2100 Teaching skills: Teaching speaking

Wednesday: 1800 - 2015 Teaching Practice

2015 - 2030 Break

2030 - 2130 Teaching Practice feedback

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