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Review from a recent student:

"I was thoroughly stimulated by this course and enjoyed it immensely. I am now capable of producing a well-thought out, appropriate and stimulating lesson that will help students of English to achieve their linguistic aims.

All members of the English Naturally team were encouraging and supportive throughout. I enjoyed being part of a small group of trainees too: it made for an effective learning experience.

It might have been nice to have state of the art classroom and teaching facilities (smart whiteboard etc), but working with minimal facilities is arguably better preparation for being challenged to work with minimal resources in the future.

I did the course part-time over a 16 week period and, for me, this worked very well as it allowed me time to reflect on what I had learned and consolidate my understanding.

Since I obtained my certification I have been successful in securing contracts with language schools in Winchester and Bath. I have also been taken on by a German company that delivers language courses internationally on-line to corporate clients."

Alison Hedger, April 2015.

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