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Your day

Your day is made up of:

  • Morning Lessons 0900-1230
  • Afternoon Activities/Excursion or our Business and the Environment(B&E) programme
  • Fun Evening Events
    • "English High Tea" (every Wednesday)
    • Friday night party every week!

Your morning


English classes take place in the morning, from 0900-1230.

There are 2 sessions: 0900-1030 and 1100-1230

English Naturally has its own teaching materials for these courses, which take account of the interests of young students. You will improve your English in a natural way, developing speaking and listening skills and building your vocabulary.

Students aged 11-14 will work on general English, while students aged 15+ will also spend some time on EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and Business English.

Your afternoon

Activities (students 11-15)

Students aged 11-15 will take part in sports and other activities each afternoon except on Thursdays, when we organise a half-day excursion.

Activities include ball sports, swimming, art-based activities and more... The itinerary is published weekly and students can opt for their preferred activity.

After lunch, you have a choice of two activities each day.

Option 1 is a sports/physical activity, such as swimming. Option 2 is a brain activity but outside of the classroom, or an excursion.

Nearly all activities take place locally in Petersfield, but each week there is an excursion "out-of-town" by coach, bus or train.

The list of activities shown is by way of example.

Week 1






Option 1


Team sports



Boating on the lake

Option 2


Make a short-film

Arts and crafts

Half-day trip to Winchester

Museum visit

Week 2






Option 1


5-a side football




Option 2

Treasure hunt


Scavenger hunt

Half-day trip to Portsmouth

Charity shop auction

Business and the Environment programme (students 16+)

Older students, aged 16+ will take part in our Business and the Environment (B&E) programme on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. On Tuesdays we organise a sports or arts event and every Thursdays there is a half-day excursion.

B&E is organised on an “out and about” basis and is not classroom-based. Students will explore the town and the local area while carrying out projects.

Young people need to learn about business for nearly any career they choose. If you join a company or start your own you need business skills – but even if you become a doctor or university teacher, politician or journalist you will find that business knowledge is important.

At the same time, we all need to be aware of the environment. How can we protect and respect it? And enjoy it!

The two areas are connected. – Business leaders are more and more aware of environmental issues, and they know their customers care about that.

Environmentalists understand that we as humans wish to consume, travel and that their aims can only be met working with business.


Working with a local Project Leader, you will work on business-related projects that will help you improve your understanding of the world of business.

Project Leaders are local university/college students and/or mature people with business/environmental experience.

For example: An analysis of local shops – Are they part of a chain, or independents? How do they market themselves? Do they look good? (are they Instagramable?!), do they offer value for money?


Working with a local Project Leader, you will study local environmental issues and projects that will make you think about your home environment.

For example: Rivers and waterways are places for people to enjoy but also places where birds and wildlife need protection. How are these balanced? Visit some local parks/lakes/rivers to learn more.

Fun evening events

"English High Tea"

Every Wednesday, after activities, we offer students an “English High Tea”, with sandwiches, cakes, tea (or juice) and there may even be some typically English (very silly, but fun!) games!

Friday night party

Every Friday night we get everyone together - "Pizza in the Park", or a disco/karaoke or just a party party!

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