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Tomas (14): junior full-immersion


Tomas did a two-week junior full immersion course.

Why did Tomas need to improve his English?

Tomas came to improve his English for school ... and his future prospects.

When did he come?

July - for two weeks

What was his schedule?

Tomas did 3 hours formal 1:1 English tuition every morning with a tutor who came to his house. He lived with a friendly, educated English family who had a son his age and a younger daughter. The children included him in their social lives and play and the parents took the time to chat to him over meals. This way, he consolidated his English learning in the most natural way.

(The English host family we chose for Tomas shared his interest in sport and the outdoors.)

Tomas says: "I have lessons in the morning and in the afternoons me and Daniel play football or trampolining or xbox games. At the weekend we went sailing. I am having a really funny time and my English is much better. My parents say I can come again next year."

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