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Liese (16)

Why did Liese need to improve her English?

To improve her English for school exams and for her future propects.

When did she come?

July - for three weeks. Her friend Sofie came for the same dates but stayed with a different English family. Liese was reluctant to come on her own, so this arrangement was ideal because it did not undermine her English learning.

What was her schedule?

Liese did 3 hours formal 2:1 English tuition every morning with a tutor who came to her house. She shared her lessons with her friend, Sofie. Her friend Sofie stayed with a different family. The girls met up for lessons but spent the rest of the time apart, so that they spoke only English during their stay. We chose Liese's family because they have a girl her age and similar interests: liking the outdoors, running and swimming, as Liese does.

Liese's view: "I think all students should stay with an English family and not in a group. It is the best method. My family is lovely and my teacher is good. Now I am thinking in English. I hope to come back and stay with the Wilsons again next year."

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