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Why did Marco need to improve his English?

Marco had finished an architecture degree but had not got a job yet. He believed that it would be a good idea to improve his English and gain some relevant work experience.

When did he come?

August - for four weeks

What was his schedule?

Marco did 4 hours formal 1:1 English tuition every morning with a tutor who came to his house. He did 3 hours work experience in a Winchester architect's office every afternoon. He lived with a friendly, educated English couple who took the time to chat to him over the evening meal so that he reinforced his English learning in the most natural way. (The English hosts we chose for Marco are a photographer and an architectural technician so they had lots of interests in common.)

Marco's view: "This sort of programme is the very best way to improve your English. I only speak English at home and at the office and in my lessons. My English host family is great and the office is friendly. I am very happy with my progress."

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