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Amelie (18)

Why did Amelie need to improve her English?

Amelie wants to study medicine at a British university. To gain a place, she needed to achieve a score of 7 in her IELTS exam and gain some relevant work experience to prove her vocation.

When did she come?

Summer - for four weeks - in Winchester

What was her schedule?

am: Amelie did 4 hours formal 1:1 English tuition every morning with a tutor who came to her house. The lessons were geared towards the IELTS exam. pm: Amelie did 3 hours work experience at a Winchester nursing home every afternoon. She lived with a friendly, educated English family with a son and daughter of a similar age so that she extended her English learning in the most natural way.

Amelie's view: "I needed to perfect my English and demonstrate my vocation in order to gain a place to do medicine in the UK. This course gave me the opportunity to do both. I also had a lot of fun with my English family. I got the IELTS score I need and am applying for uni next year. Fingers crossed."

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