Technical details

Our tech person will liaise with yours in advance to ensure things run smoothly on a technical level.

Each student needs to be able to contribute/ask questions as well as listen to the teacher. There are different ways this can be achieved, but we know that different schools have different technical resources and policies and we will work with you before the course starts to organise things in the best possible way!

Voucher conditions (mini-stays):

The voucher is valid provided that:

  1. You keep the original voucher and present it on arrival in the UK. One voucher per student only.
  2. You tell your accompanying teacher that you plan to present the voucher on arrival, so that the teacher can advise us
  3. You come on a “full service” course, where EN provides a minimum of a) the course, b) accommodation, and c) airport transfers
  4. You come to England before the end of 2023

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