Terms and Conditions

Fees, discounts

Fees are payable in advance for the period you book at the beginning, and are non-refundable. Please cover yourself by getting appropriate insurance – see below.

To get the long-stay discounts offered, you need to book and pay for the relevant period.

You can extend your course when you’re in Winchester (subject to visa restrictions).

Fees are due one month before you arrive or immediately if there is less than one month to go when you book.

If you extend your course when you are here, you will pay the fee for the relevant period.

You MUST disclose to us any physical or mental condition which could make it difficult for us to deliver a normal service to you. Failure to do this could result in our terminating your course without any right to a refund.


We guarantee that group classes at the levels shown in our information will be available. At busy times, we may have other levels available. We do not usually have group classes at beginners level.

Visa letters

If you need a Letter of Acceptance to get a study visa, we can supply this by email or, if it is necessary and there is enough time, by registered post. We will ask you to pay a deposit of £250 towards your course. If your visa is refused, we will refund this, minus £50 administration fee. We will need documentary proof of refusal.


You can choose to use our accommodation service, or not. We suggest you book host family accommodation for your first period (or the whole period if it’s a short stay) and then see what you want to do. You can’t stay in our host family accommodation while you are not studying with us. You need to give us one week’s notice (7 clear days) if you want to leave host family accommodation. We will refund any amounts that you have paid relating to the time after this notice period. So you need to stay for your notice period or lose the money for that week.

Students are expected to respect the host family’s reasonable house rules.


It is important that your organise insurance before you arrive, to cover medical needs. You may also want to insure against cancellation and cover your possessions and money. Be sure to get the insurance you need, please!

Attendance, commitment

You are expected to attend classes unless you are ill or have some other major problem. You need to inform us of such matters. If your attendance is poor, we are obliged to inform the UK authorities.

Holidays from your course

You can take a holiday from your course of up to 10% of the weeks you have already studied, as long as you inform us at least one week in advance.

So, for example, if you have studied for 10 weeks, you can take a one-week break.

Your fees for your holiday will be credited for when you return.

You need to be aware of your visa restrictions when taking holiday.

Public holidays

There are 8 public holidays in the UK, including 2 at Easter. Nearly all holidays are on a Monday. There is no refund applicable if one or more bank holidays occur during your stay. You can easily check public holiday dates online.

The school is closed for 2 weeks during the Christmas/New Year period.

Mobile phones

If you take your mobile into class, please keep it OFF unless your teacher asks you to use it for a class activity.

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